Trophy Halibut/Rockfish

Fishing Utopia: far beyond the tourist destinations, this is where the serious fisherman place a checkmark on a really big box. 

Trophy Halibut/Rockfish Fishing Trip In Homer, Alaska

This trip is not for the faint-hearted. Bordering on the Gulf of Alaska this trip delivers the best scenery Alaska has to offer and lands over the path of multiple species; Halibut, Giant Lingcod and Yellow Eye Rockfish.  Let’s face it, if this was your local fishing hole, these monsters wouldn’t be there. We spend the day jig fishing for rockfish as we drift over pinnacles on the ocean floor. Halibut are drawn into our bait from the ocean floor which can be anywhere from 30’ of water to 300’. Arm workouts are included on this trip and we encourage anglers to take advantage of our two-speed reels. As you can see from our aerial footage, this is not the roughest waters most days but the Sea is her own beast and weather can change so we take care to plan these trips accordingly for our clients.

This is called the long-range trip because it can be 3 hours drive time each way depending on sea conditions and it’s a coveted destination for the most serious anglers.  This trip requires a minimum purchase of a full-day Halibut or Salmon trip in the event we are not able to make the long-range trip due to weather.  This trip is weather and tide permitting (believe me if the Captain says no-go) it is in your best interest. Because it is considered our most plentiful trip, it is a long day of fishing and is not ideal for clients with health concerns. We have successfully chartered this trip thousands of times and we want each angler to get the FULL experience out of fishing the trophy grounds. Our charter was founded on fishing these grounds and our legacy of a bountiful catch is reflected in our reviews and our gallery of photos.

Long Range Halibut/Rockfish: $475

This charter has reduced FROM OUR “BUCKET LIST TRIP” due to the lack of lingcod the past few years. This is now primarily a Trophy Halibut & Rockfish trip offered only: June 1st-August 31st.

Trophy Halibut/Rockfish catch
Rockfish/Halibut Catch
Trophy Halibut/Rockfish