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Departing out of Homer, Alaska, enjoy our heated cabin while trolling for King Salmon. These Winter Kings are also known as Feeder Kings as they have come to our waters to fatten up!

Full-Day Winter King Salmon Fishing October through April $250

Full-Day Salmon/Rockfish June through August $375

Full-Day Salmon fishing May through September: $325 (includes King, Silver and Pink Salmon during their run)

Salmon can be fished year-round. Bait and tackle are included and we come loaded with various types to be sure we target what the fish are biting best.

Salmon Fishing Charters

We can’t guarantee the calmest seas in Alaska but we can guarantee a memorable trip! We have come to get our biggest fight from the feeder kings and anglers can’t stop talking about the excitement they had working to get their catch into the boat! Because they spend so much time feeding off Alaska’s pristine waters, we catch them before they leave to spawn upriver where the meat changes color, texture and taste. We personally prefer the Winter Kings aka Chinook over the River Spawning variety for their marbled meat with fresh texture and less-fishy taste. Fishing Salmon in Alaska in the shoulder season, you’re chartering with a very experienced Captain who is excited to put anglers on fish without risking the safety of our passengers. Anglers don’t have to count these winter catches against their seasonal limits due to Alaska’s classification of Oct-Mar exempt Salmon limits. We want you to have that trophy fish experience!

Taking a trip with O’Fish’ial Charters will leave you with images of the stunning beauty of the Cook Inlet, Kachemak Bays, Volcanoes and Glacier Landmarks. This season, we have encountered pods of sea otters, wandering seals, jumping salmon, skate, jellies, various fish varieties and whale pods breaching of 4 different varieties. Just one day on the water will bring the best calm and respite for the weary angler. Take in a breath of fresh, crisp Alaskan air and renew yourself away from the busy schedule of city life. The coves we explore leave lasting photographs in your memory or on camera. All of these experiences are what have brought us into being a top fishing charter of Alaska.

Local residents and visitors with flexibility will enjoy our multi-day package discounts and our lodging is one of the best in the Cook Inlet. Our favorite pastime and that of our anglers who stay with us is sitting by the fire in the privacy of one of the oceanfront cabins and grilling the fresh catch on the private BBQ outside to complete the entire experience. The sunset views from water and land are breathtaking. So, bring a lunch aboard or order one ahead with us and let us make your Alaskan Winter Salmon Trip an unforgettable experience that will be the talk around the water cooler and envy of your fishing friends for months to come.

2023 emergency order reducing king salmon to one per day May 15th through July 31st.


Daily King Salmon:

1-2 per day depending on the zone we are fishing.

King (Chinook) Salmon:

April through September: 5 per season. Peak season for these larger spawning salmon runs from May through the middle of July. However, we catch Kings all year long. There is no annual limit from October through March. Homer’s Annual Winter King Derby held on the last weekend of March.

Daily Silver (Coho) Salmon:

No seasonal limit, but there is a daily limit of 3.  Silver salmon are more mild tasting than King Salmon, but they’re filled with fight and a blast to catch. There is some overlap with Silver and King Runs. The King Salmon run from late Spring to mid-summer. The Silver Salmon begin their run in Late July and continue through August. With the saltwater hosting feeding grounds for multiple species of Salmon and the runs being entirely up to the fish and water dynamics, we enjoy fishing Salmon (of all varieties) year round.

Daily Max Salmon:

6 total salmon per day with no more than 2 being King Salmon and no more than 3 being Silver Salmon.

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