Cancellation Policy


The following cancellation policy is the same during these times of Covid 19 with the added option of taking a full 100% credit towards a future trip to be used within 5 years if cancelling due to covid.  If cancelling within 48 hours of the excursion the entire booking is non-refundable unless we are able to rebook your seats in which case only the 10% booking fee would be retained.

Our Policy was revisited due to the global crisis of 2020 where we turned down numerous local Alaskans looking for seats thinking that we were already full. Due to circumstances beyond all our control, having anglers cancel at the last minute (due to testing changes, airplane reroutes, illness and travel restrictions) we found our crews and boats without a trip and a total loss to a small family-run operation. We hope that as we all navigate the ongoing changes, you consider purchasing TRIP INSURANCE as we as a service provider don’t have the option to purchase pandemic insurance or insurance against your canceled travel.

Cancellation Policy

There is a 10% cancellation fee of the total cost of the excursion once a reservation is made. If cancelling within 30 days of the excursion the entire booking is non-refundable unless we are able to rebook your seats in which case only the 10% booking fee would be retained.

In the case that the weather does not cooperate for your charter and an alternative trip cannot be taken there will be a full refund. Your Captain will be the one to make this call as safety is our first priority. Only in rare cases do we cancel the day before the trip. Wind angles can change overnight so our policy is to cancel the morning of the trip if weather requires. When booking a long range trip and weather only allows for a local trip, you’re committing to fishing that day with us even if a local trip is all that is possible. In the case where a long range trip is booked but the seas only allow for a local trip you will be refunded the difference within one week following the downgraded excursion. You will receive a cancellation and refund receipt but it is out of our control as to when your credit card company returns the funds to your card. Our goal is to provide you with an excellent experience aboard our vessels and we appreciate your choice in booking your trip with our Charter! Trust us, if we can “Send it” we do!

We do our best to not change the type of trip offered to our anglers however there are various reasons throughout the year that require us to move our anglers to different vessels in our fleet. There are some cases where this may occur last minute but angler safety and doing our best to create a great trip for all on board is what attributes to our stellar record. If a change is made, most often you are notified by email the evening before. This is Alaska, lots of things can occur and we may need to move customers (like a commercial fishing net wrapped around the shaft from the trip the day before–yes that DID happen, and it pains us as much as you to read about it). We work hard to get you out as scheduled with the crew and vessel you are booked with but remember this is a short season with an eager crew to fish and moving your reservation is never our first choice! We’d love to get you out and sometimes, that means with another trusted charter or different vessel in our fleet!